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I collect orgasms. I’m all about giving.
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Me. Fucking me

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I don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions

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Anonymous said: hey do you have any advice on really bad *menstruation* dysphoria? Like I literally can't function for a week because I get so depressed and angry and have panic attacks and even the week before just from the anticipation of getting it..I have really heavy and painful periods as well -.- sorry if this is strange but it looks like I won't be on T for at least another 6 months and i don't know what to do -.-


Zak: We have an article on this, but it’s a little older so I’ll try to give some other advice as well.

It might help to find a menstruation product that you feel comfortable with. For instance, switching from tampons to pads really cut down on my dysphoria, and I know that for some people using a diva or moon cup can also really help because you don’t have to mess with it as much and you can almost forget about your period for awhile (though for other people, the fact that it requires insertion means it’s out of the question for them).

My other piece of advice is to really focus on self-care during this time. Do what you need to do to cut down on your anxiety and make yourself feel more comfortable. Does that mean snuggling with puppies, watching Netflix, and eating cupcakes? Than do that! Self-care means different things to different people, but it’s often a good thing to do in the face of dysphoria for any reason. 

Finally, since your menstruation dysphoria is pretty terrible, have you considered temporarily going on birth control to limit your periods? Some people are uncomfortable with this, and you mention that testosterone is in the nearish future for you, but getting rid of your period entirely until you start testosterone could really help you.

For any transmasculine guys who still have to endure *shark week*, this is some good advice. Especially the self care part and cuddling with puppies. Hope you find the blog that this originated from as a good resource.


i am not the same person at 8am and 8pm

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